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For the best mulch that’s sure to meet your residential or commercial gardening and horticulture needs in North Aurora this spring – Call Fox Valley Landscape Services at 630-302-9659. We supply many top quality mulches that help your plants and trees throughout the growing season.

Mulches are a landscaping material used to cover soil or lawn surfaces. Not only will it help maintain soil temperature at moderate levels, but mulch helps protect your plants’ roots against the temperature changes that can occur during springtime in North Aurora. Mulch also helps protect developing plant roots.

Mulch In North Aurora Illinois Fox Valley Landscape Services

Organic mulches are typically made of bark, compost, clippings and other materials that add helpful nutrients to soil.

Inorganic Mulch in North Aurora

Inorganic mulches consist of fabric preform, gravel or black plastic. This kind of North Aurora mulch supports growth but doesn’t add organic matter to soil.

Mulch in North Aurora IL

Living mulches are beneficial for ground covers and clover – also great for soil during cold weather or as a replacement for other mulches.

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Landscaping North Aurora IL

Landscaping Aurora IL

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